Competition Time !

Have you ever wondered if tooth whitening, facial aesthetics, adult braces or a smile makeover is for you ? Our treatment coordinator is here to help you with any questions you may have. You could see Adele our treatment coordinator, be entered into a prize draw,and win a new electric toothbrush. What a fabulous opportunity to win a toothbrush and contemplate changing your smile !
Lilies signify the fresh, natural dentistry offered at Tutbury Dental Practice in Staffordshire

Dental care with flair

Tutbury Dental Practice has been providing family-focused dental care since 1977 and during this time we have welcomed generations of families who appreciate our gentle, skilled and thorough approach to their dental care.

An apple signifies the fresh, natural dentistry offered at Tutbury Dental Practice in Burton

Hygiene therapy with flair

Our aim is to improve the long-term dental wellbeing of our patients. The health of your mouth, teeth and gums is vitally important, as the better the condition of your mouth, the better your general health.

Couple smiles at cosmetic dentistry in Tutbury, Staffs

Cosmetic dentistry
with flair

Whether you would like to simply brighten your smile with tooth whitening or achieve a dramatic change in your appearance, we have an affordable solution for every desire.

Beautiful older woman benefits from skin & wrinkle treatments at Tutbury Dental Practice

Facial aesthetics with flair

The appearance of crow's feet, frown and laughter lines or forehead creases can be reduced with facial muscle relaxants and dermal fillers, such as Restylane®, to give you smoother, younger looking skin.


Discover Tutbury

We are active members of the community, lead fun and educational play group talks and support local organisations, such as Discover Tutbury. We have become firm friends with many of our patients and our genuinely friendly team makes even the most nervous of patients feel comfortable and at ease.

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